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OULI 360° 
for use in fulldome planetariums
Content Type KS2-KS5  /  Families  /  Adults 
Length: 2 min 

THE DOME: Log Radial Universe Annotated for mirror projection.
Length: 2 min 
Music: Vangelis – Theme from the TV Series “Cosmos” (Heaven and Hell, 3rd Movement)
This video was converted for mirror fulldome projetion by Mario Di Maggio fromImmersive TheatresandBritish Fulldome Institute (BIF). The animation was done in a collaboration with Lionel Ruiz from Phoenix Fulldome ProductionLSS Open Project, and WorldWide Planetariums DataBase.



A circular landscape that shows in detail astronomical objects of various distances and sizes thanks to the use of a logarithmic scale. The solar system is located in the center. Towards the edges, the scale is progressively reduced to show in detail the most distant and biggest structures of the observable universe sphere.

This vertically oriented logarithmic map spans nearly 20 orders of magnitude, taking us from planet Earth to the edge of the Observable Universe. The scheme locates notable astronomical objects of various scales: spacecraft, moons, planets, star systems, nearby galaxies, and notable large-scale structures are some of the objects indicated.
The 3 videos above were done in a collaboration with Lionel Ruiz from Phoenix Fulldome ProductionLSS Open Project, and WorldWide Planetariums DataBase.


Progressive zoom-in passing through views at different orders of magnitude. For fulldome planetariums.
⇊ Free Still Images for using and remixing 
 No Earth is present in the picture as if Earth was the viewpoint. 

(Earth-inclusive version is presented in the 3rd picture below)

English annotated Observable Universe Log View!

also available with unidirectional labeling at OULI 2023
CC-BY-SA @pablocarlosbudassi 
Source images credit: NASA/P.Budassi. 
Last Update: May 2023 
All this content is available for FREE download and use (for small planetariums) 
Also available at Immersive Theatres
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RELATED CONTENT: Cross-Eye Stereographs!

to view these images in 3D You must cross  ⤲  your eyes!
Distance device 25cm/10in from your eyes. Try to look at the left image with the right eye and vice versa. 
☝️ As an aid to fusion, a fingertip can be placed just below the division between the two images, then slowly brought straight toward the viewer’s eyes , keeping the eyes directed at the fingertip; at a certain distance, a fused three-dimensional image should seem to be hovering just above the finger.  
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Solar rays eclipse, Earth and Universe






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